Stefen salvatore

Delve into the mysterious life of Stefen Salvatore and uncover the hidden secrets that shaped his destiny. Explore the journey of this intriguing character and be captivated by his compelling story.
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⚠️ON HOLD⚠️ Jacqueline and Jeremy were adopted by the Gilbert's and don't know anything about their biological parents or about their supernatural selves. That all changes when Jacqueline talks to he very protective hybrid best friend and meets her mate. Will Jacqueline be able to keep her twin brother safe, and will she let her mate love her unconditionally? • I only own Jacqueline and the plot line. Everything else belongs to the respective owners • All photos used in this story are off…

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Paris Carter and Dominic Holten were neighbors and best friends since the day of birth. They grew up best friends and were practically born together. They spent many playdates together, created many memories, and spent countless nights together. This all changed when Dominic left his last year of middle school to start at a new magnet school. His departure broke their friendship and sooner rather than later, they lost touch. When a new high school year started for the brand new freshmen…

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