Stained glass candle holders

Enhance the atmosphere of your space with stunning stained glass candle holders. Discover unique designs and colors to create a warm and cozy ambiance in your home.
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These candle holders were comissioned as a set to be given as individual gifts so I took the opportunity to use various combinations of glass. One uses sea green hues in baroque and rough rolled, another is made with hues of blue waterglass and clear reed, and the other is medium blue and clear hammered glass.

Yvonne Sprowson
Tiffany style stained glass #candle holder. Round glass box made using the copper foil technique, stained glass of different colors. Here it is spring and everything changes. Nature does its work and colors the world with bright #rainbow colors. Is not that why we like stained glass and a play of #sun on glass? Stainedglass fill our lives with a transformed light and bright colors. Diy, Vintage, Candle Holders, Painted Glass Candle Holders, Stained Glass Candles, Stained Glass Candle Holders, Glass Candleholders, Glass Candle, Glass Candle Holders

Bring a rainbow vibes at atmosphere of your home! Cloisonne style Stained Glass Candle Holder "Iris" designed and handcrafted by me. Candlestick / Glass Pot / Rainbow candel holder handmade in the Tiffany's technique used textured glass. Each piece of glass has been hand cut, grinded, wrapped in copper foil and soldered together. Black patina is slightly stained to create a more vintage feel. Round glass box - the volumetric product (3D) is made of 7x3 glasses of the colors of rainbow. When…

Josphat Kiniaru