Staff meetings

Make your staff meetings more productive and engaging with these effective strategies. Discover tips for improving communication, collaboration, and decision-making in your team meetings.
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Aside from performance reviews, there are times in which constructive feedback will need to be provided to staff because they are not meeting your expectations. I like to call this, “difficult talk Fridays”. Giving feedback to staff is difficult enough, giving feedback to staff that are not self aware seems impossible. People are complex and

A Farias-Besada
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How many of you have weekly meetings with your team? I know it is best practice, but it is soooo hard to stick to a consistent schedule, especially when my inclusion team involves 3 general education teachers, 4 paraprofessionals, and myself. And that is not even including the special area folks and related services providers. When you have several adults working with the same group of students, it is vital for everybody to be on the same page. It is especially important to keep the…

Kathy Armitstead