Spray paint techniques

Transform your projects with unique spray paint techniques. Learn how to achieve professional-looking finishes and create eye-catching designs with our top ideas.

Hey everyone!!! Sorry for the radio silence around here on Monday. I know I said I'd give you warning when I was going to be out, but truthfully, the weekend got away from me and

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Spray paint questions answered. If you have had a problem with using spray paint - find the answer on how to fix spray paint application, adhesion, and other problems so you get a beautiful smooth finish every time you use spray paint on an item.

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Most people probably think of paint pouring techniques when creating marbling art, but did you know you can actually use spray paint as well? Artist@Stacie England got innovative with COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints and a blowdryer to create some seriously awesome canvas art ... and she's letting us all in on how she did it! Check out this tutorial and get inspired to create your own abstract marbling spray paint art with COLORSHOT.

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