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Explore the best sports wagon ideas that combine style and functionality. Upgrade your ride with a sporty sports wagon that suits your active lifestyle. It Is Wagon Wednesday And This Ultra Rare 2-Door 1965 Chevelle Station Wagon Has Earned Its Spot - 1965 Chevelle, Chevrolet Chevelle, Hot Rods Cars Muscle, Chevy Muscle Cars, American Classic Cars, Classic Trucks, Chevy Classic, Cool Car Pictures, Car Pics

Only 653 of these 2-Door Chevelle Station Wagons were built in 1965 according to the seller. That makes this sucker even rarer than hens teeth. And because it is so nicely built, we are actually a little surprised at the sale price of $37,500. We think that’s probably right money, but most of the time […]

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The demand for classic station wagons from the 1950s to the 1970s is on the rise. They have always had their place amongst classic car enthusiasts, but lately the number of fans is growing. Collectors often seek out vehicles that remind them of their childhood. A new generation of collectors in their 30s and 40s

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Buick never built a Gran Sport version of its full-size Sport Wagon family hauler, but if it had, it may have resembled this 1969 Buick Sport Wagon for sale on While restomods are generally built from muscle cars, it's refreshing to see the same theme applied to a station wagon. This e...

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It’s early evening in the industrial district of Nagoya, Japan, and I’m riding shotgun in a machine that’s quite special. The driver, Mr. Shunsaku Mizuno, stares out over the hood of his automobile, telling me about the cars he’d like to own next. “A C2 Corvette is my dream car,” he says. Meanwhile, the car he’s …

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There are few things that sum up the over the top nature of post-War American automobiles as much as the enormous station wagons that have wallowed along US roads since the 1950s. Cars of that sheer size just never existed in Europe – they wouldn’t fit. The Chrysler Town & Country looked long enough to …

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