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Explore innovative sponge city solutions that effectively manage urban water. Learn how sponge cities can alleviate flooding, improve water quality, and create sustainable urban environments.
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In urban areas, storm water picks up pollution mainly from impervious surfaces and conveys it through pipes either directly to recipients or to a wastewater treatment plant. An alternative to this approach is ecological storm water management, where polluted storm water is treated and volumes are reduced through a variety of techniques that include infiltration, retention/detention, bio filters, and structural controls. THE ABC FOR SUSTAINABLE CITIES UNEP / UN HABITAT / FIDIC / GI-REC Based…

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Gallery of Landscape Architect Kongjian Yu, Pioneer of the "Sponge City" Concept, Wins the 2023 Oberlander Prize - 1 Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architecture Project, Landscape Design, Sponge City, Wetland Park, Healing Garden, Water Day

Image 1 of 8 from gallery of Landscape Architect Kongjian Yu, Pioneer of the "Sponge City" Concept, Wins the 2023 Oberlander Prize. Benjakitti Forest Park / Turenscape + Arsomslip Community and Environmental Architect. Image © Srirath Somsawat

Berlin & China Creating "Sponge Cities" — Landscape Architects Help Cities Absorb Water, Cool Down | CleanTechnica Garden Landscape Design, City Landscape, Landscape Architecture, Sponge City, Sustainable City, Natural Ecosystem, Jinhua, Water Management, Lake Water

Berlin (Germany) and China are working with nature to create sponge cities that absorb rainwater and cool the city. Even without the challenges of climate change, cities would do well to consider the benefits of imitating natural ecosystems to cool down and store rainwater, a precious resource. With problems from climate change in urban areas, such as increased flooding and more extreme heatwaves, the need to develop “sponge cities” is essential.

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Combining creativity, curiosity and applied research, E2Designlab is a passionate group of specialists in engineering, urban design and ecology working together to enable the creation of thriving and sustainable places through integrated management of water.

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