Spelling homework

Make spelling homework fun and engaging with these creative ideas. Help your students improve their spelling skills while having a great time.
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When it comes to helping young learners in Grade 2 master their spelling skills, nothing beats the effectiveness of well-designed spelling words worksheets. These worksheets provide an engaging and structured way for students to practice and reinforce their spelling abilities. By focusing on specific entities and subjects, such as animals, colors, and everyday objects, these worksheets make learning fun and accessible for Grade 2 students. Plus, with a variety of activities and exercises…

Nancy B. Velasco, MSEd. - Education Specialist
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Spelling practice is very important in building word knowledge and writing skills. You can use this spelling practice freebie for any spelling list and for all ages. The free resource contains six practice pages that give a new twist to spelling practice. Spelling can get really boring, so these varied pages can help make spelling a little more engaging and intriguing to do. I love that the resources can be used with your kids of all ages (as long as they can write).

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Whether your kids attend school inside or outside of the home there seems to always be this weekly list of words our kids need to study, memorize and take a test to see if they know how to spell them . However, most children dread the idea of practicing their spelling words let alone facing […]

Isabel Guillen
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What kind of homework assignments do you give your children? Especially with younger students? Our reading curriculum, SuperKids, has high expectations for primary learners. When we started the curriculum a year and a half ago, our first graders were not successful on the spelling tests. The tests included 5 or 6 memory (sight) words and 4-6 spelling pattern words. The only assignments and practice were from the book we completed together in class. We knew that since the group did not have…

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