Solar eclipse facts

Uncover the mysteries of solar eclipses with these fascinating facts. Learn about the celestial phenomenon that captivates astronomers and skywatchers around the world.
Solar Eclipse Eye Safety Solar Eclipse Safety, Eye Safety, Solar Eclipse Glasses, Solar Eclipse Facts, Solar Eclipse Activity, Solar Eclipse 2017, Total Eclipse, Eclipse Photos, Moon Eclipse the event that The Great American Solar Eclipse is not cancelled or rescheduled, this epic event will take place on August, 21st, 2017. A solar eclipse is one of nature's most breathtaking phenomena and occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, blocking all or part…

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We are in the middle of a unit on the sun and the eclipse. It's been very low-key as we have sort of transitioned to an unschooling model, but both girls have learned a lot so far (each at her own level), and we have done some fun activities. This unit would be great for...

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