Soft natural makeup

Enhance your natural beauty with soft and natural makeup techniques. Discover top ideas to achieve a subtle and fresh look that will leave you feeling confident and radiant.
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-Most "B" answers with some "D" or "E" in the quiz.-Soft Naturals are mainly Naturals, Soft YANG, with YIN undercurrent. They usually have a long vertical line, meaning they look tall, even if they're not. They have broad shoulders, but fleshy limbs. Soft Naturals with a woman's body will most likely have an hourglass silhouette, gaining weight

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Vegan Beauty with a Clean Beauty Focus That Eliminates Harsh Ingredients. Vegan Skincare and Makeup that includes vitamin C serum, hydrating toners, bronzers, lip scrubs, lip moisturizers, vegan mascara with that extends lashes, vegan lip oil that shines like lip gloss, creamy eyeliners that become eyeshadows, blushes