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Explore exciting and interactive social studies unit ideas to engage students and foster a love for history, geography, and culture. Discover hands-on activities and resources to make learning come alive in the classroom.
Check out our list of free unit studies.  They are based upon fiction and non-fiction books and give children a fun way to read and learn.  #peanutbutterfishlessons #freeprintables #unitstudies #elementaryschool #homeschool Montessori, Who Was Books Activities Free Printables, Homeschooling Unit Studies, Trees Unit Study, Book Unit Studies, Free Unit Studies, Free Unit Studies Homeschool, Fish Unit Study, Homeschool Unit Studies

Check out our list of free unit studies. They are based upon fiction and non-fiction books and give children a fun way to read and learn. #peanutbutterfishlessons #freeprintables #unitstudies #elementaryschool #homeschool

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Homeschool Unit Study American Presidents | Social Studies | History | Free Printable | Calm & Wave Civics Lessons Elementary, Book Unit Studies, Preschool Unit Studies, Us History Projects, Homeschool 3rd Grade, Teaching Social Studies Elementary, Social Studies Printables, Homeschool Unit Study, Social Studies Projects

US President Unit Study with Free Printable All United States of America Presidents included! Includes BOTH color and black and white worksheets. UPDATE: Joseph Biden has been added. ALSO: Now includes two versions of digital slides. These are great for distance learning or just to save on printing. Worksheets for each president has space for: […]

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Have you ever wondered what you 'should' teach in an elementary history course? This post is for you! It can help you choose an elementary history curriculum or you can use it as a starting place to plan a homeschool unit study or lesson for kindergarten - fifth grade.

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Elementary History Activities, American Symbols Unit, Science Symbols, Third Grade Social Studies, 3rd Grade Social Studies, Social Studies Lesson Plans, Social Studies Notebook, Kindergarten Social Studies, Social Studies Curriculum

American Symbols is one of my favorite social studies units to teach to first and second graders. I've rounded up my favorite, activities, books, and videos for teaching about American Symbols in this post. ActivitiesAmerican Symbols Bingo GameTo play this game, the teacher reads off a clue such as: "This building is on the back of the penny," and the students find the matching American symbol on their game board. Multiple clues are provided for each symbol so that your class can play again…

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