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Explore creative social design concepts that promote inclusivity, sustainability, and community engagement. Transform your perspective on design and make a positive impact on society today.
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In this work it contributes to the concept and illustrations, we were very happy with the result. Special thanks to art director Kislen Medina for the incredible animations and leadership of the project.DEVELOPMENTUniting old portraits with interferen…

Delly Serviam
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Every day, our minds are subject to different senses and perceptions that help us learn and understand the surrounding world. The visual perception is the most dominant one, with 89% of information coming to us better when paired with images.

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Friendly and future-facing: Bandit Design Group’s Boa identity aims to bring businesses together — The Brand Identity Web Design, Instagram Design, Instagram, Design, Identity Design, Brand Strategist, Social Media Design Graphics, Graphic Design Cv, Social Media Branding Design

“The tech-forward, rounded letterforms of the wordmark convey the relaxed, open and conversational nature of Boa,” Senior Designer & Brand Strategist Alanna Walsh tells us, detailing the decisions behind Bandit Design Group’s identity for Boa – a social network for business owners – and the welcoming, lowercase logomark that leads it. “Boa is a space for business owners to talk openly about the highs and lows of their companies,” Walsh continues, which the Sydney-based studio represented…