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Start your day off right with these mouthwatering smoked salmon recipes. From classic bagel toppings to creative brunch ideas, discover the perfect breakfast dishes featuring smoked salmon.
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It's only in the past few years that I've grown to love breakfast. Maybe it's the freelancer's life, which allows me to have more leisurely mornings. Or it could be that my taste buds have changed with age. Whatever it is, something's different. When I was younger, I barely tolerated breakfast. Hot

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Eggs en Cocotte (Baked Eggs with Smoked Salmon) Desserts, Egg Recipes, Eggs, Lunches, Brunch, French Eggs, Baked Eggs Recipe, Baked Eggs, Eggs En Cocotte

Eggs en Cocotte is a classic French breakfast recipe that is easy to make at home. Fresh eggs are baked on top of thin slices of smoked salmon, crème fraîche, and dill, then topped with just a touch of heavy cream. The result is impossibly creamy baked eggs with soft, jammy yolks, complemented by the beautiful flavor of smoked salmon. An elegant brunch recipe for any occasion! Gluten-free.

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This is a fast scrambled eggs breakfast, great for keto, low carb, and paleo diets. Since eggs cook quickly, the other ingredients are selected to require little to no cooking: smoked salmon and roasted red peppers. Both of these are already cooked and pack a ton of flavor, so little additional seasoning is needed.

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This everything bagel smoked salmon frittata recipe is perfect for breakfast or lunch! Meal prep it on the weekend for a grab and go breakfast! Filled with smoked salmon, creamy goat cheese, tomatoes and red onion, with capers, dill and everything bagel seasoning!

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