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Experience the adrenaline of off-road biking with a single speed mountain bike. Find the perfect bike for your next adventure and conquer any trail with ease.
2018 NAHBS: Copper on Copper Northern Frameworks Hardtail Single Speed MTB – John Watson | The Radavist | A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors. John Watson, Garages, Hardtail Mtb, Mtb Frames, Single Speed Mountain Bike, Single Speed Bike, Singlespeed Bicycle, Mtb Bicycle, Cruiser Bicycle

I say this a lot at NAHBS, but when I saw this big and beautiful Northern Frameworks single speed MTB in their booth, I exclaimed "HOT DAMN!" This bike is for a tall rider and I love seeing how builders balance the proportions of large bikes with modern MTB geometry. The client spec'd all brown anodized PAUL and White Industries, to complement the rich, copper paint.

Brett Scheepers
A Santa Rosa Frame Building Flashback: 1990’s Rigid Kostrikin SSMTB – John Watson | The Radavist | A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors. Samurai, Buy Bike, Retro Bike, Vintage Bikes, Mountain Bike Accessories, Road Bike Vintage, Bike Accessories, Single Speed Mountain Bike, Mtb

Santa Rosa - and all of NorCal for that matter - has a rich history with frame builders. From Eisentraut to Salsa, Sycip, and Retrotec, the names and faces of this little realm within the cycling industry have such great stories to tell. While I'm working on a few more posts from my recent trip to Santa Rosa, I thought I'd share this unique build with you. High in the rafters at Trail House hangs this 1990's Kostrikin rigid single speed mountain bike. These days, bikes like this are still…

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2017 Philly Bike Expo: 44 Bikes Titanium Marauder SSMTB Photos by Jarrod Bunk, words by John Watson Last year, we saw Kris from 44 Bikes' first super-boosted Ti Marauder SSMTB from our Philly Bike Expo coverage. This year, Kris brought a new Marauder to display, with some geometry tweaks, different components, and a slightly longer and slacker stance. The big difference this year is he used a super boost hub with a standard 73mm T47 bottom bracket mated with a custom 170mm i9 fatbike hub…

Alvitho ZF