Silhouette shadow

Create an enchanting atmosphere with stunning silhouette shadow ideas. Discover how to add depth and intrigue to your space with these captivating designs.
Shadow of 3 men most likely taken at 12pm as the shadow allows the guys to look tall...because too much of sunlight is released Portraits, Surrealism, Photo Art, Strange Photos, Forced Perspective, Shadow Photography, Artist, Shadows, Photographer

So many images are Photoshopped these days that it's hard to know what to believe anymore. But you don't need to be an editing wizard to mess with people's perceptions of reality. All you need is a camera, some willing friends and an eye for obscure camera angles. And as you can see from this list compiled by Bored Panda, when those three simple ingredients are combined correctly, the end result can be just as mind-boggling as anything done in Photoshop.

Raj Mugan