Shredded chicken salads

Discover a variety of delicious shredded chicken salad recipes that are perfect for a healthy and satisfying meal. Try these mouthwatering salads and enjoy a burst of flavors in every bite.

This rotisserie chicken salad is a blend of shredded or chopped chicken and fresh veggies, all tossed together in a creamy dressing. A quick and easy meal that’s delicious served in a sandwich, with a side of crackers or in refreshing lettuce cups.

Heema Patel
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This Thai Crunch Salad is full of color and bold fresh flavors. Fresh herbs, shredded cabbage, and crunchy bell peppers all come together with a creamy peanut dressing. This easy recipe is the perfect summer salad and goes great with your favorite protein, like chicken, fish or even tofu for a meat-free option!

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Buffalo Chicken Salad is great all year long. With piles of juicy shredded buffalo chicken, over a bed of crisp and fresh lettuce, carrots, corn kernels, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes, all covered in a homemade avocado ranch dressing, you may never want a regular salad again!

Brighten Crawford