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Mall Scavenger Hunt - PLACE: shopping mall    FOOD: whatever's good in the food court   COST: $   NOTE: works best with lots of people and takes advance preparation

World's Most Beautiful Malls The Dubai Mall by Ahmed Alkuhaili, on Flickr hmm..thought this thread would be em' picx people :)

Brian H
And the 2019 European Shopping Centre Awards go to… - ACROSS | The European Placemaking Magazine Architecture, Commercial, Udaipur, Shopping Mall Design, Shopping Center, Shoping Mall, Commercial Design Exterior, Mall Design, Mall Facade

The atmosphere was full hope and suspense on April 10 at 5pm in the main room of the conference center at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I hotel. After all, the winners of the 2019 European Shopping Centre Awards were about to be announced. The ICSC has been awarding prizes to the most outstanding new, […]

Daiany Banhara