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Learn about various sheep breeds and their distinct qualities. Find the perfect sheep breed for your farm or project and discover the benefits they offer.
Guide to Shetland Sheep. Who would love to see a Shetland yarn from Bare Naked Wools?! (me!) Sheep Poster, Fiber Animals, Jacob Sheep, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Sheep Breeds, Shetland Sheep, Sheep Art, Counting Sheep, Sheep Farm

2012 North American - In 25 Photos Or Less

But not many less than 25. I could easily have posted more. Always so much to see at the North American International Livestock Exposition. Here are some favorites from yesterday. Red sheep with red dogs. Sheep hanging out with their friends. Sheep much cleaner than our sheep. Heck, they're cleaner than my kitchen! And yes, I see the spot on the front one...yeah, sadly still cleaner than the kitchen ;-). Sheep with cute bushy eyebrows. And standy-uppy ears. Sheep on water skis. Wait, excuse…

Bare Naked Wools by Knitspot
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The Perfect Sheep Breeds For Your Homesteading Needs

If you’re thinking about raising sheep, you’ll likely find yourself with many important decisions to make. One of them is the type of sheep to raise on your farm. If you’re new to sheep farming, the Racka Sheep breed can be an excellent choice. Racka is a hardy, multipurpose breed used for meat, wool, and … Racka Sheep Breed (Breed Info, Characteristics, Origin, & Uses!) Read More »

Natasha Eller

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