Shark books

Dive into the fascinating world of sharks with our curated collection of the best shark books. Explore thrilling stories, jaw-dropping facts, and captivating photographs that will leave you wanting to learn more about these incredible creatures.
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I don't know about you, but if I got bit by a shark at a young age, chances are I'd be sticking with swimming pools, staying far away from the ocean. I've never seen Jaws just in case the fictional version is enough to scare me off the beach forever. That's not what happens to Maeve. At the age of 12 she gets her first kiss which was immediately followed by having a shark chomping onto her leg. (So maybe the lesson should be to stay away from kissing boys, not the ocean? Not that she does…

Casilda García Valdés

Sharks are fascinating creatures that kids love to study. While there are hundreds of shark books for kids out there, not all of the material is easily accessible to young students. Here are several shark books that your kids can both read and enjoy.

Jaimie Goldman