Sewing a button

Learn how to sew a button on any garment with this easy-to-follow guide. Master this essential skill and never worry about loose buttons again.
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Most pre-made survival kits include small tools such as fish hooks, matches, water purification tablets, and a needle and thread. Most of us know how to use the first three items, but when it comes to sewing, many of us struggle. Sure, it's easy enough to stitch up a tear with copious amounts of messy thread, but […]

Jonna Hayden
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Save some dough by taking care of loose or missing buttons yourself; there’s no need to pay the dry cleaner to put them back on for you. All you need is a sewing kit and five minutes of concentration to do it RIGHT, so they’ll stay put and work well. And if you think you already know how to do this, you might want to read up on it anyway, unless you already know about the toothpick trick, and the proper direction to stitch your buttons… ThreadButtonNeedleScissors 1.

Marcia Garrison