Self defence training

Learn essential self defence training techniques to protect yourself and boost your confidence. Discover top tips and strategies to stay safe in any situation.
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Have you ever loved someone soo much, that you'd be able to do just about anything for them...even destroying yourself? Meet Zayaan Hashmi, the CEO of Qureshi group of industries. Tall, smart, handsome...the epitome of perfection. He has that charm and charisma, yet his cold gaze is like a drug that no woman could resist. People lower their heads in respect and fear whenever they come across him. However, he has a secret... In the daylight, he's the cunning Businessman but when the night…

Maycon Santos

Being attacked is a situation no one wants to get into, but unfortunately, nobody is 100% safe from this experience. Though it’s always better to undergo special training beforehand, knowing the basics of self-defense will also help you to feel more comfortable and empowered in an emergency situation.