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Learn how to cultivate self-compassion and embrace your imperfections. Discover the transformative benefits of being kinder to yourself and start your journey towards self-acceptance today.
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The process of sitting still and being with our emotions can be extremely uncomfortable. Many of us choose to either avoid our feelings or instantly react to them without thinking, so it can be quite overwhelming in our meditation practice when we’re put in a position to just observe them as they ar

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Learn how to practice self-kindness and self-compassion with these 100 gentle and kind affirmations for self-compassion. Work on building up your compassion for yourself through positive affirmations and mantras!

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Next time you're dealing with something difficult and experiencing stress, try the following self-compassion exercise adapted from the work of Dr. Kristin Neff. You can learn more about self-compassion through the work of Dr. Neff at There you will find a multitude of resources and research on the subject. We are grateful to Dr. Neff and her team for their permission to adapt this exercise. We hope it brings you some peace.