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Spark curiosity and engage students with hands-on secondary science activities and experiments. Explore top ideas to make learning science fun and interactive.
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About 10 years ago, I attended a 2-day professional development over the summer for implementing math spiral review. The PD was high-quality, but there was one problem. I wasn’t teaching math that year and desperately needed to be planning for science. While participating in the session, my synapses started firing. I was going to try ... Read more

Hillary Hudson
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So the 1st day of school in high school science is approaching and you don't know what exactly to do with your students. There is so much

Lyndsi Motte
Find tips to incorporating text annotation into your secondary science class. Scientific literacy is an important skill in a complicated world and annotating non-fiction texts is a great way to work on it with your students. It's hard to add another thing to your plate - so click through for tips to incorporating annotation quickly and efficiently. A collaboration between Science with Mrs. Lau and Kristin Lee Resources. Middle School Science, Science Writing, Science Reading, Science Lessons, Teaching Science, Science Education, Secondary Science, Science Literacy, Science Vocabulary

This guest post was written by a friend of mine, Kristin Lee, who writes terrific resources for teachers who want to help their students with scientific literacy! Scientific Literacy is becoming an increasingly important set of skills for our students and to our society at large. How do I tell fact from fiction? What is […]

Shannan Fuller
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If you are a secondary science teacher, I can bet that you are probably pretty tired from all of the responsibilities that go into your job. It can be hard to come up with ways to engage students in your classroom that don't require a TON of behind-the-scenes prep work on your end. But have no fear, I am here to share my FAVORITE no-prep student-centered activities with you.

Angela Rodgers
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Interactive notebooks have been one of the biggest trends in education over the last few years, but are something I’ve never been able to buy into. I've

Stephanie Austin
Setting up your Secondary Classroom

Be sure to visit my store for the back to school sale on 8/20! All of my doodle notes (even already reduced ones) are on sale for 25% off! The code is BTSBONUS19 Name Tags Yes, you need them and no they aren’t “so elementary school.” I have around 130 kids to get to […]

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