Sea salt shampoo

Discover the benefits of sea salt shampoo for healthy and voluminous hair. Try our top recommendations to achieve the perfect beachy waves and a refreshing cleanse.
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I'm born and raised in California, always less than an hour from the beach. So, beach waves, flip-flops, and the perfect, beach-y, tousled hair is pretty much a uniform. But, if you're trying to recreate the look of "I spent hours at the beach and am now glamorous mermaid" without spending all day in the ocean

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Here’s a recipe for DIY clarifying sea salt shampoo! It’s very easy to make and leaves your hair clean and soft! Lush’s Big sea salt shampoo is truly incredible – if you’ve tried it out then you know what I mean! Unfortunately, it is expensive so you can’t keep splurging on it unless you got …

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Embrace the essence of the ocean. Aloe, seaweed extracts, and sea salt work together to give hair texture, body, and beach-inspired waves - without ever weighing it down or making it stiff. Organic aloe vera and seaweed give hair a pure, beautiful, and untamed look - which means effortless style for every type of hair.

Heather Scott