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Balloons Inflate Around Copper Forms in a Playful Reinterpretation of the Enigmatic Venus Figures | Colossal Art Projects, Design, Art, Museum Displays, Sculpture Art, Exhibition Design, Conceptual, Art Design, Figures

Although research suggests the ancient Venus figurines were created as totems of survival amid a changing climate, the enigmatic forms continue to puzzle historians, their exact cultural context and relevance unknown. The mysterious statues, with exaggerated physical features like large, distended bellies and generally plump appendages, recently inspired a playful project by Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman, the designers behind Reddish Studio based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Titled “Venus of…

Shari Dierkes
Paper Tunnel sculptures Architecture, Contemporary Art, Land Art, Angela Glajcar, Bergamo, Textil Design, Instalation Art, Installation Art, Sculpture Installation

German sculptor Angela Glajcar created tunnels of light made from white paper for an exhibition in Munich’s Heitsch Gallery. The sculptures consist of layered paper sheets, each with a gaping hole torn into it, which together create a tunnel-like effect. Titled “Weiß ist das neue Schwarz”, or “White is the new black”, the work is […]

Miguelita Kor