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Improve your team's productivity with these effective Scrum board ideas. Discover how to streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration for successful project management.
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update, Feb 18th, 2024 - since writing this post, I started developing, a tool that mixes the best of paper and physical scrum boards with the digital. I still practice a form of personal scrum, but I'm no longer using sticky notes or Trello, as mentioned in this blog post. I've been working on getting offline more often and for me, that also meant moving some of my favorite tools offline. I've been using as a SCRUM/Kanban board for a while and really enjoying…

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The Kanban method has two primary functions: It gives a project’s key stakeholders—both business leaders and development teams alike—a visual way to 1) go about the value creation process and 2) establish the rules guiding the process. This helps teams get a solid grasp of what state a process is in at any point during its lifecycle and, as a result, can go a long way toward increasing overall team visibility, productivity, and collaboration.


Since the very beginning of scrum practices, one of the most important tool to the teams have been the various task cards. They hold all of the important information and help keep the team on tracks at all times. It comes as no surprise, that there is great variety of such cards out there, so

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