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Discover the charm of Scamp campers, compact and cozy travel trailers perfect for your next adventure. Find top ideas to make the most of your Scamp camper and create unforgettable memories.
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Our 2nd Camper Re-do Camping is something we LOVE to do as a family. And with the birth of our baby Florence who was premature by 4 months (she weighed 15 oz) we knew we would want to do something as a family away from a lot of germs and large crowds that could possibly get her really sick. So at the start of the year we decided we would buy another camper (we re did one already before ...Our vintage camper-The Morning Glory) but this time we would get one that was super light and easy to…

Jazmin Barker
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As a result of our post on our initial thoughts about living in our 13' Scamp travel trailer full-time, we've had some requests to see what she looks like up close. I imagine that's because most people think it's pretty darn crazy that two people are living in a 65 square feet travel trailer and they want to see pictures of our tiny house on wheels just to see how insane we really are! So here you go - let's take a tour so that you can meet our little Scamper. We'll start off with a…

Lynn H
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We’ve decided to sell our 2004 16ft. Scamp Trailer all original with “Rooftop A/C” 2-burner stove top, full-dinette that also turns into a bed. She’s in amazing condition throughout all original Cabinetry, sink, countertops Ect. I would say this is as close to an unmolested Scamp that you will find at this age! ABSOLUTELY No leeks or any type of water damage ever! We are the

Lauren Salvatore
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We've been living in our tiny 13' Scamp travel trailer full-time for almost a month now, so it seemed timely to take a step back and reflect on how it has all been going. All in all, it's worked out pretty darn well. We've become quite fond of our little Scamper. And here's why... 1. She doesn't have any zippers. When the weather is nasty, there is no worse sound in the world then that of a zipper. Whether it is the zipping sound that a tent flap makes or the zipping up of a sleeping bag…