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Discover proven strategies and hacks to save time in your daily routine. Streamline your tasks and maximize productivity with these time-saving ideas.
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There comes a time every year when you are just worn down, worn out, and tired. Exhausted, fed up, tired of people, tired of the day-to-day drudge. Maybe it happens more than once a year. Maybe you save it for special occasions. You have what can be termed Magickal Fatigue, and what you need is inspiration, oomph, motivation, just something.

Avishek Raj
We're determine to stay debt free, but in 2 years, we'll have four kids in college at the same time. How we are saving and paying cash for college? We're thinking outside the box and it's never too early to start!! #finances #money #kids Budgeting Tips, Organisation, College Hacks, College Savings, Saving For College, Budgeting Money, Budgeting Finances, Budget Saving, Budgeting

A little over two years ago, I opened up an incredibly interesting can of worms on my facebook page with the status updated, “Why we won’t let our graduating senior go to college in the fall, unless things change.” As you can imagine, it opened up discussion with 150 fascinating responses from people still trying […]

Gina Gibbs