Save the sharks

Learn how you can make a difference and contribute to the conservation of sharks and the health of our oceans. Discover top ideas to raise awareness and take action to protect these incredible creatures.
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In Hollywood, sharks are a bit like Christopher Walken – they always get typecast as the bad guy. Our friend Lily Williams doesn’t agree with that – so she’s made her own movie to change the way everyone sees sharks. It’s not your average shark flick – it’s factual, adorable, and narrated by Lily’s 10-year-old cousin. So why did Lily decide not to take inspiration from Sharknado? We asked her a few questions to try and find out. Why do you love sharks? I love a lot of things about sharks…

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Sharks are SO fascinating and one of the coolest ocean animals! They are always at the very top of the list for kids of all ages, and is one of our favorite subjects to teach about. To help kids dive into exploring and learning about sharks, we’ve created a totally jawsome game for kids to…

Miriam Lule