Sausage roll recipes

Discover a variety of mouthwatering sausage roll recipes that are perfect for any occasion. From classic flavors to unique twists, find your new favorite recipe and impress your friends and family.
Warm, flaky Sausage Rolls are baked until golden brown and the filling is sizzling. These British treats are a fantastic appetizer or, when cut into smaller bite-size pieces, make a delicious savory hors d'oeuvres for holiday parties. Make ahead and freezer-friendly! #wellseasonedstudio #sausageroll #puffpastry #britishfood

This warm, flaky English-style Sausage Roll Recipe is one of our favorite easy appetizers! A simple mixture of sausage, Dijon mustard, fresh herbs, spices, and lemon makes for a delicious savory filling when baked into buttery puff pastry. Make ahead and freezer-friendly, which means they're perfect for cocktail parties and group gatherings! Recipe yields 9 servings.

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Embark, on a journey with these delectable French Onion Sausage Rolls, where classic comfort meets elevated gourmet pleasure. Each roll is a masterpiece of flavors combining the goodness of pork mince with the rich and savory essence of French onion soup mix. These delightful flavors are beautifully complemented by the hints of tomato ketchup and Dijon mustard. All these exquisite flavors are elegantly encased within layers of buttery, golden puff pastry that offers a flakiness in every…

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