Running in the rain

Don't let rain stop you from your running routine. Stay dry and motivated with these helpful tips for running in the rain. Embrace the challenge and make every rainy run count.
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When we are full of energy, we feel good, and even the most boring commitments become much more manageable. The reason is simple: the human body is meant to enjoy nature and exercising including walking and running. Running builds muscles brings happiness, and fills us with energy. Activities such as cycling, walking, and running are not difficult and can be adapted to suit everybody's physical conditions. Remember: if you only run for a short distance, you are still years ahead of someone…

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Ever see people running in the rain, and wonder: how the heck do they do that?! Like the 2018 Boston Marathon, where runners endured hours of relentless rain. Well, for years, I watched soggy runners happily run past my house on rainy days. We're talking pouring rain. Buckets of rain. They made it look so darn easy. How do they not get blisters? Aren't they soaked? Why are they smiling?! That's it: I want to learn how to run in the rain. So I did. And now I'll share the secrets to running in…

Cory Schimtt