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Looking for cheap room divider ideas for your house or apartment? I’ve listed the best tips on how to divide a room without building a wall. Here’s how to split a space in two on a budget without a permanent wall! Whether you need to divide small spaces or one large room, I’ve included the best affordable room dividers to section a room off into two spaces. I’ve included diy ideas for dividing a kids shared bedrooms (such as with curtains + furniture). | #home #roomhacks…

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For years, renters have used temporary walls to subdivide apartments into affordable slices for roommates. But due to a fire-safety-related crackdown by the city, many management companies and landlords no longer permit walls that reach the ceiling. Enter the bookshelf wall, like those pictured above. They don't reach the ceiling--typically topping out about a foot below--so they are technically considered furniture. Home Décor, Sliding Room Dividers, Temporary Room Dividers, Hanging Room Dividers, Metal Room Divider, Portable Room Dividers, Folding Room Dividers, Divider Wall, Small Room Divider

Pressurized walls are not allowed in many NYC rental buildings. Freestanding bookshelf walls, which are not attached to the ceiling, walls, or even floor, are an acceptable alternative. They are also more popular and customizable than ever.

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Many renters, as well as house owners, use temporary walls for dividing a large room. A temporary wall can be very useful if you want to use the space of your large room efficiently. Knowing how to divide a room with a temporary wall will bring you more benefits then you can imagine. You will be more benefited from a temporary wall in your room if you have a toddler who can’t sleep alone.