Roasted pumpkin soup recipe

Warm up with a bowl of homemade roasted pumpkin soup. Try this easy recipe that brings out the rich flavors of fresh pumpkin. Make a comforting meal for the whole family.
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This Roasted Pumpkin Soup recipe is Vegan, Keto, and Gluten Free. It has an easy method for roasting pumpkins and then blending them with fresh herbs, veggies, pumpkin seeds, ginger, and a dash of cayenne to make the perfect fall soup.

Mary Harvey
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While I’ve shared a Roasted Tomato Soup, a Roasted Bell Pepper Soup, and a Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, our fall soup collection would be completely lacking without a delicious Roasted Pumpkin Soup recipe! I have no hesitations saying this is the best pumpkin soup recipe ever! Best Pumpkin Soup Recipe If you’ve been around Sugar,...

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Jamie Oliver’s Roasted or Baked Pumpkin Soup is one of my easiest and favorite Pumpkin Soup recipes to make during fall. This Roasted Pumpkin Soup is made with edible pumpkin, olive oil, dried chili, coriander seeds, onion, and garlic. Serve this Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Coronation Chicken, Crash Potatoes or Texas Trash.

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