Rice in rice cooker

Discover mouth-watering rice cooker recipes to create perfectly cooked rice every time. Get tips and tricks for using your rice cooker to make delicious and fluffy rice dishes.

You can make delicious, savory, garlic butter rice in your rice cooker with a click of a button in just under 45 minutes. This recipe is perfect for busy weeknights and only uses five ingredients – just toss them into the pot, close the lid and press start!

Mariana Perez
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Learn how to cook fluffy and flavorful Spanish rice in the rice cooker. Spanish rice is a delicious tomato based rice pilaf with garlic, onions and savory spices. This recipe is super simple, just add the ingredients to your rice cooker and stir, then hit the start button—you’ll have a delicious side dish on the table with minimal effort!

Tammy Shuck