Resilience in children

Discover effective strategies and tips to help children develop resilience. Learn how to foster their ability to bounce back from challenges and thrive in the face of adversity.
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Help Your Children Build Resilience

Decades of research into resilience science has uncovered 12 promotive and protective influences of resilience in children. These are: having a caring family; having close relationships and feeling a sense of belonging; effective and skillful parenting; motivation to adapt; problem solving skills; self regulation and emotion regulation; self efficacy and positive view of the self or identity; having hope, faith and optimism; belief that life has meaning; having routines and rituals…

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Tips To Build Emotional Resilience In Kids

No matter how many books you read or videos you watch, you will never be fully prepared for raising your kids before you actually have them. Parenting is very much a “you’ll learn while on the job” kind of situation. However, when you’re neck-deep in diapers, with the Baby Shark song on loop in the background, you might find yourself wishing for a helping hand.

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