Repair wood furniture

Learn how to repair and restore your wood furniture with expert tips and techniques. Revive your favorite pieces and bring back their original beauty with these easy DIY methods.
the wood is peeling and chipping off of it's surface, while another piece of furniture has been stained Home Repairs, Painted Furniture, Furniture Makeover, Life Hacks, Wood Glue, Wood Putty, Wood Filler, Cleaners Homemade, Water Damage Repair

water and veneer damage fixed with wood filler - As you can see, the wood had a lot of water damage, plus peeling and chipping veneer. Before doing any kind of filling, you have to prep the area. For this project, I used a very sharp box cutter and cut away the water damaged portion of the veneer and wood underneath. I also removed the chipping veneer that couldn’t be salvaged with wood glue. #woodfiller #lifehacks

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stained wood dresser after a furniture makeover Design, Repurposed Furniture, Upcycling, Layout, Furniture Makeover, Decoration, Refinishing Furniture Diy, Stripping Furniture, Refinish Wood Furniture

Interested in refinishing furniture, but don’t know where to start? Or what exactly to do? Or what supplies to use? Then this how to furniture makeover guide is just for you! I’m sharing everything you need to start DIY furniture renovation. From the exact tools and supplies to the best method for cleaning, stripping wood, sanding wood, painting wood, staining wood, and sealing wood furniture. SAVE this pin for later, then click to read more about DIY furniture makeovers.

Lisa Kennedy