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Maximize your investment potential with these smart tips for rental property investment. Discover how to choose the right properties, attract quality tenants, and maximize your rental income.
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Welcome back to our popular interview series that puts our next client, Don, in the spotlight. This segment focuses on how Don went from zero to 15 rental properties in just three years. He shares his outstanding journey, with full transparency, of how he grew his portfolio, and what his future goals are. He also discusses what it was like working with Morris Invest, a full-service real estate investing company, and how he greatly benefited from it.

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You’re 27 years old and you don’t have to work any more. What do you do with all your time? Turns out our guest today, Scott Trench, found a lower paying dream job at a startup. He’s the VP of Operations at BiggerPockets and loving life. He is an accomplished house hacker in the Denver […]

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Many investors are convinced they need to hold their rental properties in an LLC. But their arguments don’t hold up to scrutiny, and the downsides of LLCs are significant. In particular, there are better and simpler ways to achieve to limit your liability, such as with an umbrella insurance policy.

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