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Explore a collection of vibrant ideas for red stuff that will add a pop of color to your life. Find inspiration to incorporate red into your home decor, fashion, and more.
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Colored Mirror Tile

Colored glass mirror tile is HAVING A QUALITY ISSUE WITH HOLES IN THE SILVER BACKING AND IS SOLD AS IS. SEE PHOTOS. These places can be cut out if you are using pieces. The silver backing is covered with an epoxy coating to protect it. The glass is actually colored (for the non-metallic colors) instead of being a cheap surface coating. Sold in sheets of 36 tiles face-mounted on clear plastic film. We also have 1-lb bags of cutting scrap from these sheets. Click on a color to see the full…

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It Took Days To Catch The Perfect California Sunsets, So They End Up Looking Like Oil Paintings

I am lucky enough to live near the Pacific Ocean, and I was always fascinated by the beauty of the nature, especially during fleeting sunsets. To catch just the right moment for the photo; especially if you need clouds in the sky; takes some preparation, equipment and luck. Some of these photos were pure luck – being there at the right time and right place, but some took weeks of planning.