Red cross blood drive

Make a difference in your community by donating blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive. Your contribution can help save lives and support those in need. Schedule your appointment today!
Sept. 7 blood drive at G! Ale, Instagram, Ideas, Blood Donor, Blood Donation, Blood Drive, Blood Drop, Blood, Blood Center

#40 - Donate 1 Gallon of Blood (8 Pints): (1/8) - For all you math majors out there there are 8 Pints in a gallon and so I will do the countdown and tallying with pints. Each donation has to be at least 56 days apart.=, so I figured I had to start on it so I didn`t run out fo time. The technician told me that each donation can help to save up to 3 lives, so that is awesome! I am glad I went. Also working on: #77 - Do 250 Geocaches: (47/250) now (59/250) - 23.2% Complete Jen and I did another…

Tyler Hudson