Red brick colonial house exterior

Transform your red brick colonial house exterior with these inspiring ideas. Enhance the curb appeal of your home with unique and stylish designs that will make your house stand out in the neighborhood.
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Roula H. in Virginia felt stuck with her red brick home exterior. She wanted it to be more unique and inviting, but she was bound by strict HOA limitations. The brick&batten team worked with Roula to come up with a design that would help her love her home anyway. Here's the story of her experience and the work she did to get curb appeal she's now proud of.

Cynthia Hopkins
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On Monday, we flew into Raleigh to close on our new home there! (If you missed why we’re moving, you can check out this post and why we chose Raleigh right here.) The home is a beautiful, classic, red-brick Georgian-style colonial just outside of Raleigh. Right when we pulled up to it, we got that […]

Jennifer Cooper
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In the past two homes we’ve lived in, we prioritized renovating the inside of the house before the outside. So when we made the move to North Carolina, where the outdoor living is outstandingly better than Idaho, we wanted to focus on the outside first. And I’m so glad we did it right from the […]

Allie Pagenkemper