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It doesn’t matter what thrift store you go to, you’ll likely find vinyl records! The good news is, there are some great ways to upcycle vinyl records! Vinyl records are very versatile and you can do a lot of things with them. A lot of people like to keep them looking just the way the are, other people like to paint them or cover them. You can bend, mold, and cut them into almost any shape you’d like. The possibilities are pretty much endless! Here is a quick overview of what you can do with…

Janine Haws
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Vinyl records aren’t just for listening to music. There are of lots of ways you can repurpose them. Here are 16 ways you can repurpose your vinyl records. Vinyl Butterflies Trace the shape of a butterfly onto your record and place your record on top of a piece of tin foil that is placed on...

Catherine Ward
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Well, if you’ve been a Piano Gal follower for a while you know the answer is YES! The thing about vinyl records is that some are valuable, many are not. Just like a lot of products in circulation, we have an abundance of them collecting dust in our grandma’s basement. You will find them for …

Tracey Carden
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If you’re Gen X or older, you probably remember being yelled at when you scratched your parents’ vinyls. Yes, vinyl means something different among millennials and zoomers, but back then, a vinyl was a grooved record that needed delicate handling and storage sleeves. In fact, lovers of vinyl records still cringe at the concept of