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Arguing With Teens: Parents, It Doesn't Work (So How Can We Stop Doing It?) #30secondmom Parenting Teens, Positive Discipline, Inspirational Quotes For Life, Daily Inspirational Quotes, Quotes For Life, Cute White Guys, Be Encouraged, Live Your Best Life, Daily Inspiration Quotes

Why do we enter into power struggles with our teens? We know arguing doesn’t work. The next time you are tempted to argue with your teen, don’t enter into the argument! This doesn’t mean we ignore them. We just don’t get hooked by them.Part of their job as a teen is to develop their own sense of...

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In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s take a quick look at this thing called motherhood. Our mom had to incubate a living being that literally sucked the life right out of her, and eventually, she had to squeeze it from her body—the devious little creature wreaking havoc on its way out the door. After all that,…

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I was recently given a great book. Not just any book, but rather a book by one of the foremost holistic practitioners ever! Thankfully, you can still find a number of books written by past geniuses in the field of nutrition, and I’ll talk about some of these great doctors later in this article. But [...]

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Anyone can call themselves a 'parent'. But a REAL parent is one who puts their child above their own SELFISH wants & needs!! Selfish People Quotes Families, Npd Mother, Bad Mom Quotes, Deadbeat Dad Quotes, Absent Father Quotes, Narcissistic Father, Quotes About Your Children, Selfish Parents, Deadbeat Moms

Free and Funny Family Ecard: Anyone can call themselves a "parent". But a REAL parent is one who puts their child above their own SELFISH wants & needs!! Create and send your own custom Family ecard.