Raw feeding dogs

Discover the benefits of raw feeding for dogs and learn how to properly nourish your furry friend with a natural and nutritious diet. Start your dog's raw feeding journey today for optimal health and vitality.
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In the raw feeding canine world, the BARF style of raw feeding is 1 of 2 popular ratio diets followed by many pet parents. BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods and typically includes plant matter & fruits within the diet. Feeding fruits and vegetables to dogs can be a hot topic for some because many believe it is best to try to mimic what wolves feast on in the wild- whole prey or as close to whole prey as you can get (aka the Franken Prey model, but we'll touch on that in my…

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If you're feeding raw on a budget, you'll want to learn about cheap raw dog food recipes! In this post, I share how you can prepare 7 different low cost raw meals that are sourced from the best of both worlds: a) The grocery store and b) An online raw dog food retailer. Learn more now at K9sOverCoffee.com.

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Trying to figure out if mixing raw dog food with kibble is OK? The short answer is YES, and the benefit is that it can save you money and be part of your transition strategy from kibble to raw. But what's the best way of feeding these two foods with the best digestibility in mind? And which kibble should you feed along raw? Learn that and more on K9sOverCoffee.com.

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