Rainbow magic

Immerse yourself in the world of rainbow magic and experience the wonder of vibrant colors. Explore top ideas to add a touch of magic to your life and create a colorful and joyful atmosphere.
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Rose, Sofia and the fairies The Rainbow fairies are the first group of fairies seen in the Rainbow Magic series. Sofia and Rose meet the fairies through secret writing in the halway of their house. Ruby The Red Fairy Amber the orange Fairy Saffron the Yellow Fairy Fern the Green Fairy Sky the Blue Fairy Izzy the Indigo Fairy Heather the Violet Fairy Rose Sofia Rose and Sofa always have fun when meeting a new fairy and going on an adventure.

Dejan Đorđević
‘Dark Rainbow’ Magic Concepts & Animation, Sarah Carmody on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/e0DZb3

Worked on this over the weekend following GDC after being thoroughly inspired. I've included a time lapse of the painting because I intentionally wanted to just "make something" without any goal in mind. You can see the wild changes in direction which I think is a really fun way to work (when you can)! Concepting that I do for work tends to have a very specific goal, so I like to keep these weekend ones really, really loose.

Stark Raven