Quilted baby blanket

Wrap your baby in warmth and comfort with our collection of quilted baby blankets. Discover the perfect blanket to keep your little one cozy and stylish.
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The Little Fawn fabric line by Dear Stella makes the cutest baby quilt ever!! I think I need a bolt of each print so that I never run out and can make a baby quilt for every baby that comes into my life. The critters are darling and the colors are warm and cozy - perfect for rocking and cuddling. The quilt design is inspired by the simplicity of my Simply Done pattern. The background strips are narrower and the main print pieces of the quilt block are a bit shorter. They might be a tad too…

Tara Hinsen
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I knew right from the start that I wanted to make two blankets for our baby, a crochet one, and some sort of quilt. Unfortunately, the quilt idea flew right out the window once I started having issues with the minky, so I just went for a more simple patchwork blanket instead. I absolutely love how …

Libby Barth
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This is the Autumn Quilt, my first-ever attempt at quilting, made during a time when my sewing skills were even more abysmal than they are now. I knew I was coming at this project at a disadvantage, having never taken the time to properly learn how to sew, so I chose not to worry too much about maki

Henrietta Srankó