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Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2013 | Blossom Heart Quilts Patchwork, Quilts, Crewel Embroidery, Japanese Patchwork, Quilt Festival, Textile Art Quilt, Pattern Blocks, Vintage Fabrics, Modern Quilts

January 26 – Australia Day. Normally spent eating BBQs and pavlovas and meat pies. But this year? What better way to spend it than at the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2013 with Danielle, a new friend from Western Australia! Note – most of the name plates were solely in Japanese but I’ve named the […]

Fatima Nazir
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Some of the quilts in the Traditional category really played with the idea of a Traditional quilt. I think in the UK many of these would be classed as Contemporary, at least for the purposes of Festival of Quilts. The fabric assortments were quite amazing, with the quilts having a very retro, scrap bag feeling, but seemingly made from modern fabrics. There were lots of incredible fabrics printed with text too - I love these and wish I'd bought more of this kind of print when I was at the…

Beth Duncan
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I have mentioned before that I need to start a new quilt for my son’s bed. His current quilt is only 4 years old, so I was a little surprised to see fabric shredding on it. I do make my quits to be used, and this one has been used daily since it went on his bed in Fall 2009. It has had Legos and books and bodies on it as well as under it, and it has been in the sun every time the sun shines in the window, so perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised after all. Still a little disappointed…

M Spaeth
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I decided that I need to finish sharing photos from the quilt festival in Houston because next week I'm going to the show in Salt Lake City! I'm guessing I'll see some of the same quilts, but a lot of new quilts as well! So excited 😊👏 Please take the time to read the stories of the quilts shown here - pretty amazing! Have a great day!