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Transform into the iconic Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland with these captivating costume ideas. Rule the party with your regal presence and show off your love for this timeless character.
The Queen of Hearts. group costumes could include: alice, cheshire cat, mad hatter, etc. Feelings, Walt Disney, Disney Villains, Queen, Tekenen, Heroes, Inner, Kunst, Queen Of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is the tyrant Queen of Wonderland in Disney's Alice in Wonderland. When somebody doesn't do things her way or doesn't see things in her prospective, she would order, "Off with his/her/their head(s)". She is also known to be really short-tempered. It's unknown how the Queen of Hearts came to power or where she came from or why she is the way she is, since she came about within Alice's imagination when she fell asleep and began dreaming about Wonderland, but she is an…

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The Card Soldiers are the loyal servants of the Queen of Hearts, and the secondary antagonists in the 1951 Disney animated feature film Alice in Wonderland. They make up the Queen's military force and obey her orders without question. However, they do so more out of fear of the Queen rather than loyalty to her. Three card gardeners appear as Alice makes her way into the garden of the Queen of Hearts. She finds them painting white roses red. The cards explain that the white roses were planted…

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