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Discover the best productivity books that will help you maximize your time, stay focused, and achieve your goals. Start reading and take your productivity to the next level.
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It is now May and we are still in Lockdown and it looks like we will still be indoors for a little while longer . One of the hobbies I have tried to pick up on in my spare time is reading more to search for some enlightenment in these uncertain times. I wanted to challenge myself and my way of thinking so I purchased the below books based on recommendation.Whether you are searching for inspiration, to critically analyse your way of thinking, improve your daily routine/habits or becoming…

Best Books for Productivity Infographic that includes atomic habits by james clear, working hard, hardly working by grace beverley, the 5 am club by robin sharma, the 4-hour work week by tim ferriss, deep work by cal newport, start with why by simon sinek, and the miracle morning by hal elrod; Black italic text with beige circles and colourful graphics. Productivity Books, Self Help Books, Entrepreneur Books, Best Self Help Books, Books For Self Improvement, Recommended Books To Read, Books To Read In Your 20s, Reading Time, Recommended Books

One of the most productive things you can do is read for 30 minutes in the morning. The simple act of reading mentally stimulates the brain, boosts concentration and cognitive function, and enhances knowledge. Plus, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and we all know that being overwhelm-free makes…

Amelia Ferguson
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Ready to bust the limiting beliefs that hold you back or sabotage your success? Perhaps you’re ready to change, transform your life, get rid of habits that impede your growth, find the strength to overcome adversity, or crave a different way of seeing things. Self-help books can help you achieve this. But choosing one