Process control

Optimize your operations with advanced process control solutions. Discover how these tools can improve productivity and streamline your workflow for better results.
Project Manager Guide: Control Charts and Tools for Six Sigma Leadership, Statistical Process Control, Systems Engineering, Workforce Management, Operational Excellence, Data Analytics, Quality Assurance, Control, Data Scientist

Recognizing that control charts offer invaluable data measurement opportunities – and then application possibilities to any project for the greatest possible impact – are occasionally two different things altogether. Too many project managers shy away from detailed charting, in part because the subtle differences between the available tools are not easily recognizable. Learn all you need to know about control charts for project management today, and revamp your approach to data measurements…

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Nabhan Abdullatif is a professional Oman-based graphic designer and illustrator who specializes in conceptual illustration and vector art. He is known for his amusing pun illustrations, which he posts on Instagram. The puns are made with simple everyday objects like hangers, eggs and shopping bags, but the ideas and illustrations are deceptive in their apparent simplicity - imagine how hard it would be to come up with these ideas yourself!