Primary songs

Get your kids singing and dancing with these catchy primary songs. Encourage learning and fun with these top picks for children's music.
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Teaching a new song can be tricky. Kids need lots of repetition to make things stick. But how do you repeat songs in Primary Singing time without the kids getting bored? Here's five fun, engaging ways to introduce a song that your primary kids will love!

Becky Tauiliili
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Every month, there are 3 suggested songs to teach the Primary children. Discuss with your Primary President, and other chorister(s), which songs you’d like to focus on for each month. I try to pick one that THEY KNOW pretty well and one that they DON’T KNOW from the suggested songs. Teaching 3 new songs from scratch a month would be a lot for them to learn! So for the 3rd song, I will either sing it during a pick-and-choose Sunday, or as one of the opening songs that month. On the first…

Becca Young
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Ultimate List of Different Ways to Sing for REPEATING a Song!!! The children won’t get bored with all the possible ways to sing any reviewing song! These are also a great way to practice for the Primary Program. You can plug these in with any pick-and-choose singing activity, on a spinner board, write them on a slip of paper and put them in a box, or just write them on the board and let them pick! Trust us, you’ll want to Pin this for later!!!! So without further ado: Nose Plugged Lights Off…