Preschool conference ideas

Explore innovative and engaging conference ideas for preschool educators to enhance teaching strategies and create a collaborative learning environment. Get inspired with top ideas to make your next conference a success.
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Parent/teacher conferences can be a stressful time. There is a lot to prepare for. These 5 tips will help you conduct successful parent teacher conferences with every parent that walks through the door! From conference forms to thank you letters, it's all here!

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Love them of hate them, they are here!It is time for parent teacher conferences. Conferences can be stressful but I actually enjoy them. Teaching is all about building relationships – with students and their families. I approach conferences as another way to deepen our relationship. We have two conferences a year; one the first week ... Read More about Mastering Parent-Teacher Conferences: Your Ultimate Guide to Success

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Preschool assessments are a great way to record a child's progress throughout the school year. Last year, we had an cream party on the last day of preschool and I wanted to use an assessment that went along with our ice cream theme. Below is the assessment we used, you will also see a beginning of the year assessment with the same theme that has different wording. We had a lot of fun with this theme and will be using it about for this coming school year. Beginning of school year preschool…

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There are many printable resources available online that can assist preschool teachers in assessing their students skills. These resources often include a variety of activities and worksheets that target different areas of development such as fine motor skills, letter recognition, and counting.

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I can not believe it is time for Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences! It literally seems like Fall conferences were just here! Either way it’s here and I’m excited! Excited you say? Well, I am so eager to share with parents the AH-Mazing growth their student has show so far this year. Maybe it’s the fact that I […]

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